What is Mysore?

Mysore is a city in India in which Ashtanga yoga originated. A Mysore class is a class in which each student is taught individually, pose by pose, following a set sequence of postures.

What should I expect on my first day?

The teacher will greet you and ask you a few questions about yourself and then get you started. The first day you will be walked through sun salutations and a few standing poses, finishing with 3 seated closing postures. Expect to practice about 20-30 min. From there we will add on accordingly every class after. Please email Katie before coming in.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself and a mat! Some people like to use a small hand towel or practice towel as well. Leave your water at home or in a cubby. It is important to hydrate before and after but we prefer to have no water bottles in the practice room.

Can I eat before practice?

Generally it is recommended to practice on an empty stomach. If you feel you need to eat beforehand, keep it small and an hour or two before practice.

How often should I practice?

The Ashtanga practice is meant to be practiced 6 days a week. We are closed on Moon days, observing the new and full moon. Use those days to take extra rest! Women should also take the first 2-3 three days of their menstruation off (ladies holiday). Besides moon days and ladies holiday, come as often as you can.

Should I practice if I'm sick?

If you have a fever, stay home and rest. If you are contagious, stay home and self-practice. Other than that, come in and practice, it is always okay to modify or go slowly.

I have an injury, should I practice?

Always discuss any injuries/aches and pains with the teacher. I want to know how you are feeling and will always work to find the best way to support your personal practice.

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